Video Action

Record a short video (10sec–1min) of yourself to support the campaign and to gather more votes against the right in Germany. Say why you think it’s important to vote on Sunday September 24th. Post your video on social media and tag #WählenGegenRechts. Don’t tell people WHO to vote for in your video, but feel free to bash the AfD and NPD. End with our slogan “Wählen gegen Rechts – Rechtsruck stoppen!

No time to make a video? Take a photo of yourself w/ a short statement on paper with the hashtag and post the same way!

Please tag 2 or more of your friends and challenge them to also make a video – let’s see how many people we can motivate to #WählenGegenRechts / vote against the right!

Not allowed to vote in Germany?

You can still shoot a video encouraging others to vote!

Here is an example script:

“Although I’ve been living in Germany for X years, unfortunately this Sunday I am not allowed to vote. However, I can encourage you to do so! Recent events such as Brexit, Trump, and the results of elections in France and the Netherlands [perhaps here add something here about your own country, if similar right wing mobilization exists] have demonstrated the growing power of right wing populism both globally and within Europe. In Germany, there is a real possibility that the AfD will be elected as the third strongest party, a horrifying idea! If you want to stop this, the best thing that you can do, right now, is to exercise your right to vote! A strong voter turn-out with many votes for other parties will lower the overall percentage of votes held by the AfD. Not voting is not a neutral act! In fact, a low voter turn-out actively helps the AfD. If I could, I would definitely vote this Sunday. So, I’m asking you, please vote! Vote against the Right!”

Post your video on your social media!

Use our Hashtag #WählenGegenRechts on your posts.

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