Why #WählenGegenRechts

German Federal elections are just around the corner

on Sunday, September 24th and we’ve started a little campaign to target non-voters! Germany-wide, non-voters make up the second largest group of eligible voters and in Berlin, they are the largest group overall. #WählenGegenRechts motivates people to use their vote against the right,  to block the AfD and NDP from gaining more political power in the Bundestag Everyone was “surprised” and shocked when Trump was elected last year. Before that, Brexit was a similar shock, and the French elections were a hard race against the Front National. We just saw this last March how high voter turn-out of 82% in the Netherlands kept right wing fascists calling themselves populists from winning control of the Parliament. Germany is now at a similar turning point. Non-voters are a strong political group in Germany. In the Bundestag elections of 2013, 28.5% of eligible voters did not vote. This voting block has immense potential and hold power – we want them to use it.

#WählenGegenRechts calls on all former non-voters to put their right to vote to use against the AfD!

Many non-voters don’t participate because they think it won’t change anything anyway. This is not true. In the local elections in 2016 in Berlin, the AfD won several electoral districts by a very slim margin of only a handful of votes. It’s time for action. Higher voter participation means that it will be harder for the AfD to make the 5% threshold to gain a seat in the Bundestag. Use your vote as active resistance against a national political shift to the right, against the AfD’s rise to power, against the normalisation of the far-right in our society. Use your vote – also for those who are not allowed to vote.

If you don’t vote you’re helping the AfD. Each vote cast for another party is a vote against the AfD.

Support the Campaign

This is how easy it is to participate in the campaign

  1. Put up posters in your area.
  2. Give out our info cards.
  3. Take part in our viral video campaign.
  4. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  5. Donate funds via bank transfer or Paypal.

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Video Action

Record a short video (10sec–1min) of yourself to support the campaign and to gather more votes against the right in Germany. Say why you think it’s important to vote on Sunday September 24th. Post your video on social media and tag #WählenGegenRechts. Don’t tell people WHO to vote for in your video, but feel free to bash the AfD and NPD. End with our slogan “Wählen gegen Rechts – Rechtsruck stoppen!

No time to make a video? Take a photo of yourself w/ a short statement on paper with the hashtag and post the same way!

Please tag 2 or more of your friends and challenge them to also make a video – let’s see how many people we can motivate to #WählenGegenRechts / vote against the right!

Not allowed to vote in Germany?

You can still shoot a video encouraging others to vote!

Here is an example script:

“Although I’ve been living in Germany for X years, unfortunately this Sunday I am not allowed to vote. However, I can encourage you to do so! Recent events such as Brexit, Trump, and the results of elections in France and the Netherlands [perhaps here add something here about your own country, if similar right wing mobilization exists] have demonstrated the growing power of right wing populism both globally and within Europe. In Germany, there is a real possibility that the AfD will be elected as the third strongest party, a horrifying idea! If you want to stop this, the best thing that you can do, right now, is to exercise your right to vote! A strong voter turn-out with many votes for other parties will lower the overall percentage of votes held by the AfD. Not voting is not a neutral act! In fact, a low voter turn-out actively helps the AfD. If I could, I would definitely vote this Sunday. So, I’m asking you, please vote! Vote against the Right!”

Post your video on your social media!

Use our Hashtag #WählenGegenRechts on your posts.

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Du weißt noch nicht, wen du wählen sollst?


Die Zahl der Nichtwähler & Wahlergebnisse

Image Credit: Von Udo Brechtel – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=28498568

Der Anteil von Nichtwähler*innen in Deutschland hat sich bei den Bundestagswahlen in den letzten Jahrzehnten mehr als verdreifacht: von 8,9 % (1972) auf 29,2 % (2009)*. Nichtwähler*innen sind zeitweise die größte “Partei”, zum Beispiel bei den Landtagswahlen. Auch bei der Abgeordnetenwahl 2016 in Berlin waren die Nichtwähler*innen die stärkste Kraft. Gleichzeitig hat die AfD es geschafft, bisherige Nichtwähler*innen für sich zu mobilisieren. Bei der Bundestagswahl 2013 waren Nichtwähler*innen mit 28,5% des Stimmenanteils knapp hinter der CDU mit 34,1%.

*Quelle: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nichtwähler

Bundestagswahlen 2013 Ergebnisse

Interaktive Wahlkarte von der Berliner Morgenpost, Berliner Abgeordnetenwahl 2016

Ein Video des Hamburger Miniaturwunderlandes zeigt perfekt, warum es so gefährlich ist, nicht wählen zu gehen


Wer ist die AfD?

„Wer ist die Berliner AfD“ Broschüre von der Antifa Berlin

Grundsatzprogramm der AfD (taz)

AfD Parteiprogramm (ZEIT)

Wir haben überprüft, was das AfD-Wahlprogramm Homosexuellen zu bieten hat – das Ergebnis war sogar schlimmer als erwartet” (Hufftington Post)